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    From your RockDoc
    “Rock”a Bye Baby
    Did you know that babies are wired for rock and roll? Think about it….even prenatally babies are hearing the rhythms of their mother’s heartbeat and pulsations as well as music and rhythms received through the womb from the outside world. It is no wonder that babies after birth respond so well to rhythmic expressions. In a great study by Katerina Mazokopaki and Giannis Kuguimutzakis and included in noted book Communicative Musicality by Malloch and Trevarthen (2009), babies ages 3 to 9 months showed surprise and curiosity for the unexpected events of a song, expressed pleasure sounds to the musical sound, and used graceful repetitive gestures and movements in eager response. When rhythmic activities were introduced with no music there was little emotion or facial expression shown from the babes, but when music was added the infants’ rhythmic movements picked up as shown in the hands, arms, feet and even torso. (Mazokopaki & Trevarthen, pg. 199-202).
    So, my point is to expose your babes to rock and roll early on! It will not only bring them pleasure but help them with the development of literacy and social skills.
    One word of caution…Be adamant about using noise reducing headphones on your little ones while attending concerts or other loud music venues.

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