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    “Between our dreams and actions, lies this world”, and if you don’t believe that, then head straight to your local movie theater. Calling all musicians, poets, song writers, teachers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, Pakis, Indians, Americans, Brits, Jews, Muslims, Christians, or anyone who has experienced defeat and scorn because of who they are or who they ever wanted to be, to not miss Blinded By the Light. As your RockDoc, I feel it is my obligation to ask you to run, not walk, to see this movie. Based on the memoirs of Safraz Manzoor’s Greetings from Burberry Park, this movie weaves the story of how the music and poignant lyrics of Bruce Springsteen transformed a young man’s life and charted the course for his life. The acting is superb, music, of course, was magnificent and regardless of your love, or not, of The Boss, I think this movie will speak to you and could be the perfect end-of-summer banquet for your “Hungry Heart.” And, by the way – for all my educator friends headed back to work, this movie vividly demonstrates the life-changing affects you can have on the students who are entrusted to you.
    *Lyrics Dead Man Walkin’, Bruce Springsteen