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    From Your RockDoc
    Anecdote for Anxiety
    No argument that most of us live and function in stressful environments. Today in my news-feed alone, there were two people missing with disabilities, a 90 year-old man missing with dementia, six lost pets, two local traffic fatalities, two detours scheduled for my work commute, not to mention all the national news’ circuses.

    From ancestral ceremonials, to congregational church singing or chanting, singing with total strangers your national anthem, or bursting out in unison with your kids impromptu when “Let It Be” comes on your car radio; whether we realize it or not, singing together relieves anxiety.

    In Papua New Guinea, it is documented that groups huddle together and chant in a sing-song voice to abate the violence of a storm (Malloch & Trevarthen 2010, pg 25). Now, I personally don’t think their singing calms the storm, but it does calm the people.

    I vividly recall, when a tornado tore through the little town of Monahans, TX where this brand new inexperienced teacher huddled with all nine of her special needs students in a minuscule bathroom, the power of singing together. As the lights went to pitch-black and the only noise we could hear, was a roaring train-like wind, one little voice faintly said, “let’s sing Ms. Becky”. So, sing we did… everything from “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands” to “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, to “Me and Bobby McGee” (that one was pretty much solo).

    There are lots of anecdotes for anxiety these days, but singing together with someone, your child, your church, your lover, your class, is probably the most cost effective and for sure it will “soothe your soul”. Try it tomorrow, right after the news!