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    Somewhere, along my musical timeline I decided, mentally ,that I had enough MUSIC…..meaning that I was “good” on my steady diet of Prog,punk , *80’s and all sorts of JUNK. ( I mean that with affection)

    I love so much music that I feared I was just about “FULL” and if I crammed anymore into my cerebellum that it would start to spill over and out..and , well.Out of my head…it has been accumulating for quite some time..

    “oh oh I’m over my head!” – Toni Basil 1984 ( insert photo)

    I do not want to forget about all the bands I grew up listening to from Saga. Rush , YES.
    From Asia .. to Zebra..
    A to Z… They are all in my head..
    Abc to Waitresses, Xtc ,Yazoo and Vitamin Z… ( uh oh – here comes a song!)

    Van Halen to Vival- di..
    I try to know it all –
    Dee !
    Dee Ramone-y
    Cbgb(eeeeeeeeeee) s
    Do you need me to
    Break it down to you?
    I’m like an encyclopedia
    Does that rhyme with onomatopoeia
    From Joy Division
    To Steve Wilson!

    Sccccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrratch.. Like a record skipping .Now rewind it back…say what?

    I was given a set of tickets so I took to the book of face and posted .. WHO WANTS TO GO?
    And like an episode of Family Feud .. the NUMBER ONE ANSWER : . WHO is that?
    In short , and in a way of sorts, he is the love child of Donna Summer and Pink Floyd.
    NO . I’m not kidding..
    Lao Tzu said something like,” Even the most epic of journeys starts with the first step.”
    Steven Wilson’s started with 2 records.. One Christmas . ” Remember when you were young?? …You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom…”

    No , it’s not my friend’s band playing locally. I don’t have time to explain that this show is the 25th Anniversary of when Porcupine Tree first played… and all that about Yes Remixes.. BLAH BLAH BLAH!! ( that’s rockchat. Just ask genius Alex Lifeson…)

    The short version is that if you grew up on Joy Division and the Cure, or Tull or King Crimson or XTC,or a band called MINDF*CK… well, I can TELL you all about it but I think you should give it a listen. I did and I liked it.

    Give “Pariah” a spin and take it from there. You might love to love it Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbayyyyyyyyyyyy.. and/or get brain damage… the lunatic.is on the grass….

    THIS LUNATIC has a record player.. And a radio show.. TUNE IN to WUSB.fm NY .. Join my social media and I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.
    And on the book of face : WAXX TRAXX TO THE MAXX..
    someone is in my head but it’s not me on TWITTER : #LegendSciora
    Until next time -Shine on you crazy diamonds… .

    The Steven Wilson show came to THE PARAMOUNT on DEC 4th…TO THE BONE TOUR. Here’s some photos ( yes that is Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo , Kaja and Lifesigns! )