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    I’m not ON THE AIR today .. but if I was , I would be playing some BOWIE including this one..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJLkjjtUb10 As I teen ( or as Michael Sadler of SAGA would say ” as a child I was entertained by simple pleasures ” ) I would spend hours glued to my radio , listening to WLIR fm NY and a programme called ROCK OVER LONDON.. I loved it so much that I wrote them a letter saying so.. One day an envelope showed up in the mail with a ROCK OVER LONDON tee shirt ( which I can’t find now. DAMMIT ) and a 12 ” single of Loving the Alien. I could not comprehend how much I would come to appreciate that gift.. not only of the record and poster , but the entity called David Bowie.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN THE GREAT BEYOND.
    Adrian Belew signed my copy of Stage aboard CTTE18 and it has been an honor to talk to so many people about music and preserve little bits of MUSIC Her-Story …Ahem.. look for my book/script someday! Is it a crazy dream? A few words in my high school newspaper. a concert review.. a huge story in the making..It’s too long to post here..
    It all started with Saga ( Jim Gilmour) and I will forever be grateful as I continue to tell my stories and follow the music I love… I look forward to wherever it takes me next. If you care to read any of my music blah blah blah, you can join rockchat.com (tTELL YOUR FRIENDS WHILE it’s FREE!) Listen to my radio show..WAXX TRAXX TO THE MAXX ON WUSB.FM NY … or follow me on Twitter. #LegendSciora