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    From your RockDoc, Becky Bilyeu
    The rock music world is a place of acceptance and success for many who find it nowhere else.
    In his book Look Me in the Eye John Elder Robison tells us, “And my experience in the music scene had shown me that there were places for places in the world where misfits were welcome.”
    John, who received his autism diagnosis as an adult, found early success as a sound engineer for Pink Floyd. Even before that, as a young man in his teens and twenties, he was designing amplifiers, and working sound for Bonnie Rait, Orleans, Taj Mahl and others. In the music world, he may be most known for his work with Kiss. He is the creator of the infamous Kiss special effects guitars. Robison tells us in his blog, “…I was in my early 20s when we made these guitars. I am a self-educated audio and electrical engineer: I met the guys from KISS in New York, while I was working as the American engineer for Pink Floyd’s sound company, Brittania Row Audio. We built all KISS’s custom guitars in Massachusetts but I had to go on the road to fine tune their development. I was on the road for all the KISS tours of 78-82 and then the shows with Ace as Frehley’s Comet after that.” http://jerobison.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-kiss-guitars-now-and-then-in-words.html
    As he speaks about the beauty of neurodiverse learners Robison is quoted as saying, “My differences turned out also to include gifts that set me apart.”
    Keynote South Carolina Autism Conference
    What differences have been your giftedness?