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    RockChat Rewind with Joe Milliken.
    On this day in 1967, The Monkees released their third album on the original Colgems label titled “Headquarters.” It was their first release that featured significant songwriting and instrumental performances from the group members themselves – as opposed to using outside songwriters and session musicians. After a struggle with the record label and mentor Don Kirschner, the group was finally allowed to record songs themselves.
    The album was #1 on the Billboard album chart the week it was released, but was knocked to #2 the following week by the release of the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” “Headquarters” would hold at #2 on the chart for 10 more weeks. The album was released on CD by Arista Records in 1989, then by Rhino Entertainment in 1995, which included the releasing of a 3-disc boxed set full of unreleased outtakes and the album’s original Monophonic mix.
    “Headquarters” also reached #2 on the UK album chart, and #1 in Canada. The single for “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” reached #39 on the Billboard singles chart and the album has gone on to sell over two million copies worldwide.