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    RockChat Rewind with Joe Milliken
    On this day in 1984, Metallica released their second studio album on the Megaforce Records label titled “Ride The Lightning.” Recorded at Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark and produced by the band and Flemming Rasmussen, the album was recorded in three weeks and the title is taken from the Stephen King novel “The Stand.”
    Although considered a thrash metal album, “Ride The Lighnining” was a considerable upgrade in musical growth, as compared to their debut album “Kill ‘Em All,” as the band broadened their approach with deeper lyrics, extended instrumental jams and even acoustic guitar flourishes.
    Another significant influence was that of the late bassist, Cliff Burton’s contributions to the band’s song writing and ideas on music theory. It was also the last album to feature contributions from former member Dave Mustaine, and first to feature contributions from his replacement, guitarist Kirk Hammett.
    The critics and fans loved the effort, and although the album only climbed to #48 on the Billboard album chart, it sold a half million copies in four months and the band was offered (and signed) a multi-album record deal with Elektra Records. “Ride The Lightning” is now considered one of the most influential albums of the metal genre.
    Metallica would complete a successful North American tour, as well as festival shows in England and Germany, before getting ready to record their third album and major breakthrough album, “Master of Puppets.” However, despite its relatively slow start in sales, “Ride The Lightning” has gone on to sell over six million copies worldwide.