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    Zachariah with Joe Walsh and the James Gang.

    By Request, the whole movie and a little more about me hitchhiking across America when I was only 16.

    I was very fortunate “I thought then” to have parents that knew me well enough that if I decided I was going to do something, telling me no was like assuring that I would do it.

    On my 16th Birthday, my father took me to get my drivers license and took me to where I had been attending school so I could flip the principal off and quit.

    Finally he took me to the busiest on ramp to route 90 W. in Cleveland with a brand new backpack, sleeping bag, warm clothes and he let me out the door to hitchhike to California because that’s what I told them I wanted to do.

    This was 1971 and there were things going on in California I wanted to be a part of.

    Getting there was a very enlightening experience as I got from one car to another with such a diverse collection of folks helping me.

    Finally in St. Louis I got a ride with a cat headed to the same town as me, Manhattan Beach California, specifically Rosecrans Boulevard to live in the house that Jim Morrison once lived it.

    So anyway along the way he stopped in Norman Oklahoma to stay with some friends and so I went and stayed at the all night movie theater.

    The movie Zachariah with the James gang and country Joe and the fish, and then Friends with the score from Elton John and Paul Buckmaster, add some social mood enhancers and my mind was blown for 5 hours with a 100 others in the same shape.

    The place was filled with hippies I had a fantastic night, sorry there’s nothing more interesting than that to tell enjoy the flick folk. ✌🏻