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‘Take Note Colorado’ Co-Chair Named Best Advocate For Music Education
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April 7, 2018

Take Note Colorado, a state wide music education initiative started by the Fray’s Isaac Slade and Governor John Hickenlooper, start to make an impact across the state.

I have done some volunteering for them, will do some in the future. As of now, Governor Hickenlooper (BIG Todd fan) is scheduled to attend the Utopia show on May 24th.

Isaac Slade, a Colorado native who is best known as his role as the front man for The Fray, was recognized for his work with the organization that hopes to put a musical instrument in the hands of every child in Colorado.

Gov. John Hickenlooper is the other co-chair of the campaign with Slade. The pair have spent plenty of time together visiting schools and meeting students. They always try to engage the community and excite everyone attending assemblies at each event.

Slade has told CBS4 he knows firsthand the difference music makes on a child or teen still trying to figure out their future. He remembers how it changed his life and his peers when he was in high school.

“I really kind of found my identity and figured out who I was as I spoke it, as I sang it, as I played piano,” he said. “I think that everybody deserves to have that, especially the kids that don’t think of themselves as musicians.”

CBS4 is a proud partner of the Take Note Colorado program. You can learn more about the initiative at The campaign is looking for support from music education advocates across the state.

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