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Welcome to – A Friendly Gathering Place for musicians and music enthusiasts of all ages. Here at RC, our timelines will always be moderated, so music lovers and musicians will be able to discuss, in a positive, safe forum, what music does for them, and why they’ve been drawn to the “Music Life” in the first place. Musicians will be able to discuss why they started playing, and their desires to become professionals. They’ll be able to share their creative processes with one another, and discuss their hopes, dreams, and goals in the music industry.

For musicians, RockChat is a safe place to open up about your musical past, present, and your future dreams. Seasoned professionals will be along for the ride, to guide and assist the next generation into the fold, and offer guidance and perspective. Music lovers will have a chance to witness burgeoning artists blooming, offer advice and Constructive Criticism, as well as to discuss their own favorite musicians to their heart’s content.

RockChat will be publishing articles on everything from “How Music Helps Children with Autism,” to “How to Deal with a Club Owner that Won’t Pay You.” Our goal is to become your One Stop, Everything Music Shop. Now… go and Chat, RockChatters!